How it Works

The task of designing your home is made effortless through our simple process.

Discover your style

Step 1
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Browse through our idea book and find a style perfectly matching your taste. We have an exquisite collection of living, dining, kitchen and bedroom.

Help us understand you

Step 2
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We encourage our clients to talk to us, providing insights of their aspiration, lifestyle, family, and budget. This helps us create a space just for you.

Meet the designer

Step 3
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Based on your feedback, our designer will meet and present you with the initial concept of your dream home along with price estimate.

Launch your project

Step 4
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Say ‘yes’ and launch. After a commitment advance, each design and detail of your home will be worked upon, customised, and perfected.

Visualize before you finalize

Step 5
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See your space before it is built. Through our customised 3D visuals, don’t leave anything to chance before you order.

Start Implementation

Step 6
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Happy and ready to order. An order confirmation is collected and our team begins work on turning your 3D plans into reality.

Quality Check

Step 7
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Our products are built to last. We have established checkpoints at every stage where our team inspects for quality, build and finish.

Get ready to move in

Step 8
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We deliver your home in 6 to 8 weeks depending on the scope of work. You are constantly updated on the work progress so you can relax and let us do the work.